Photo by Dave Spangenburg

​​​​Add fun circus workshops or a circus play zone to your festival, event or party! 

Play Zone:

​Miles Smiles will bring a variety of handmade Upcycled Circus Props for all to play with and enjoy!  Playzone can also act as a place to hold workshops and/or performances throughout the day.  Great for festivals or events where both kids and adults want to learn AND play! 

Check out Miles Smiles' Upcycled Circus prop line at upcycledcircus.com.


-Juggling: Learn to Juggle, Basic Tricks, and Intermediate concepts. 

​-Balancing: Learn to balance straight to irregularly shaped objects on your foot, hand and face. 

-Plate Spinning: Learn to spin a plate on a stick and on your finger too!

-Clowning: Learn the art of clowning around! Games, Character development and slapstick.

Miles Smiles

Upcycled Circus Props:

Miles Smiles builds many of his own circus props out of up-cycled or re-purposed materials.